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Answer for How to change layout for product and shopping cart page in ves golmart theme?

Hello Mate, Thank’s for question!
I have considered your problem. Please view the guide below:
1. Change design layout:
Step 1: Chooes package theme
Please go to: Admin -> System -> Configuration -> General -> Design -> Current Package Name: ves_golmart.
Step2: Chooes Design Theme, Header, Footer…
Please go to Admin -> VenusTheme -> Template Panel -> Theme Control Panel -> edit or add new Theme Manager item -> click tab “Layout Setting” and choose: Header Layout; Product View Layout; Footer Layout…
Step 3: Chooes Home page layout:
Please go to: Admin -> System -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> choose your home page layout
Please view guide below: http://www.venustheme.com/guides/ves_golmart/#!/config_theme
2. How to edit product page layout
did you want: custom product page?
Custom layout phtml file in: root/app/design/frontend/ves_golmart/default/template/common/view
Custom xml file in: root/app/design/frontend/ves_golmart/default/layout/catalog.xml
3. How to edit chechout page
Custom shopping cart and checkout in: root/app/design/frontend/ves_golmart/default/template/checkout
Please describe more clearly about what you want.
Happy day!

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