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Answer for How to change font in MILK for Magento

Thanks you for your question. We based the theme on bootstrap with SASS compiler. To change the font “MUSEO” to any font you want and apply for all the text in the theme, you should edit the file “skin/frontend/default/ves_milk/sass/magento/_variables-bootstrap.scss”
Find the code:
$font-family-monospace: “Museo-300” !default;
$font-family-museo-500: “Museo-500” !default;
$font-family-museo-100: “Museo100-Regular” !default;
Change the fonts “Museo-300, Museo-500, Museo100-Regular”.
Then combine sass files again.
The tutorial to combine sass files: http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/quick-tip-working-with-sass-and-bootstrap–webdesign-9153
If you don’t know sass, you should change font family in there files:

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