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Answer for Child Template

Hello Mate,
Please try to create a child themes as the following:
1, Create a child folder in app/design/frontend/ves_newfashion/, for example: modification
Copy layout and template folders in the ves_newfashion/default into “modification”. Then delete there files don’t need (just keep layout/local.xml file and template/common/ folder, it will help you custom the theme layout)
2, Create a child folder in skin/frontend/ves_newfashion/, for example: modification
Copy files from ves_newfashion/default into “modification” folder. The files should require in the modification are: config.xml and etc/config.ini
Other files you can keep there files which you want to modify.
3, Go to admin > Venustheme > Ves Template Panel > Theme control panel > create new theme setting for new layout “ves_newfashion/modification”
Please follow our other tutorial at here (it is for ves golmart theme, you can do same for ves newfashion theme): http://themeforest.net/item/ves-golmart-magento-responsive-theme/12182196/support

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