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Ves megamenu provides powerful and most advanced menu, we’re going to describe detailed instructions how to use this powerful menu features as our demo site.

For general menu settings, please go to Admin Panel > Ves Megamenu > Menu Management like below image and then follow the below instructions. It shows you how to config:


1. Horizontal menu:

Menu item” Health & Beauty”

How to config menu item, namely “Health & Beauty” on back-end :

  1. – add submemu
  2. – setting width dropdown: 600px
  3. – Setting Main Content Type: Child menu item
  4. – Setting Child Menu Column: 3 columns



Menu item” Automotive”

How to config menu item, namely “Automotive” on back-end

– Add submenu

– Add dropdown width: 100%

– Add Main content width : 60%

Setting Main Content Type: Child menu item

Setting Child Menu Column: 3 columns

– Add Right Block width 40% and widget to content:

<div>{{widget type="Ves\Megamenu\Block\Widget\Products" widget_title="Latest Products" product_source="latest" categories="20" number_item="8" column="2" enable_owlcarousel="1" large_max_items="2" large_items="2" portrait_items="1" tablet_items="1" tablet_small_items="1" mobile_items="1" number_item_percolumn="1" nav="1" show_name="1" show_price="1" show_new_label="1" show_sale_label="1" show_image="1" image_width="270" image_height="350" show_compare="1" show_wishlist="1" show_addtocart="1"}}</div>

– Dynamic Content Tab:

* Note: After create Dynamic Content Tab for Menu item. Create child menu item and add widget product list

* Please view video guide at link below:

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