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Ves Megamenu

Ves megamenu provides powerful and most advanced menu, we’re going to describe detailed instructions how to use this powerful menu features.


For general menu settings, please go to Admin Panel > VenusTheme > Ves Megamenu > Manage Menu Items

List Widgets which used in memu’s dropdown:


Config items menu:

Menu item “Home”

  1. Enter Name for item menu
  2. Select Type: URL and enter URL: {{store url=”}}

Then, press “Live Mega Menu Editor” button to config elements in dropdown

  1. Create submenu: Yes
  2. Width of submenu: enter your width
  3. Alignment: select your layout
  4. You can add row, column and set number “Column Width” for that
  5. Select the widget end insert it


Menu item “New Arrivals”

  1. Enter Name for item menu
  2. Select Type: Category and select your category

And config element in dropdown menu like item Home.

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