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Static Blocks Diagram

This is all CMS static blocks we are using on the theme Ves Fresh.

To Open Cms Static Blocks, Go To Admin Panel > Content > Blocks


1. “Azshop Default Slider 1”, “Azshop Default Slider 2”, “Azshop Default Slider 3” are used in widget “Ves Image slider” on pagebuilder “Azshop Default Slider 1”

	<div class="ves-slide01">
<div class="slider-content">
<h1>The new</h1>
<h3><sup>Up to</sup> <span class="main-text"> 50% </span> <sub> off</sub></h3>
<a class="btn" href="#">SHOP Now </a></div>
<a href="{{store url="women/"}}"> <img src="{{media url="wysiwyg/azshop/slider/slider1.png"}}" alt="" /> </a></div>

Showing in front-end (the slidershow in demo 1):


2. “Azshop About Us Image 1”, “Azshop About Us Image 2” are used in widget “Content Carousel” on pagebuilder “Azshop about us”


<p><a href="{{store url="women.html"}}"><img src="{{media url="wysiwyg/azshop/aboutus/about-slider1.jpg"}}" alt="" /></a></p>



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