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ezBoozt have 4 extensions with 13 homepages



To configure the default home page for your store, go to Store > Configuration > General > Web > Default Pages tab, select the desired page in the CMS Home Page field and save the configuration.

To get more details, please watch this video in home installation part:

Go to back-end > Content > Pages > Edit profile name “ex: Fashion Home Page 1

To change the layout of the page, go to Content > Pages, select the page, select one of the options in the Layout field and click Save Page button:

To edit the content of the home page, add “block” or remove “block” in the “Layout Update XML” field and click Save Page button.
To edit the content of this block, Go to back-end > Content > Blocks > Edit profile name “ex: fashion_homeslider_1

To get more details, please watch this video:

To edit these slider content, please go to Admin Panel > Content > Elements > Blocks, select necessary static block. You can modify slider content by custom HTML based on sample content.

To make the slide image clickable, you can use this HTML as a block content:

<a href="#"><img src="{{media url='wysiwyg/ves_boost/slide_01.jpg'}}" alt="Sample slide" /></a>

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