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Homepage Configuration

Ves Pencil have 4 different homepages built by Ves Page Builder module.

I. Pencil Home Page Default:

link demo

II. Pencil Home Page 2:

link demo

III. Pencil Home Page 3:

link demo

IV. Pencil Home Page 4:

link demo

To configure the default home page for your store, go to Store > Configuration > General > Web > Default Pages tab, select the desired page in the CMS Home Page field and save configuration.

Go to back-end > Ves Pagebuilder > Manager page profile > Edit profile name “Pencil Home Page Default”

In the back-end, we used the widget, namely “Content Carousel” on page builder profile. To change image slider, please Go to back-end > Ves Pagebuilder > Manager page profile > Choose to edit desired homepage > Edit ““Content Carousel” widget.

  1. Pencil Default Slider 1
  2. Pencil Default Slider 2,
  3. Pencil Default Slider 3

Note: Ves Pencil Image Slider are using CMS static block. Hence, if you want to change image slider, please go to Admin Panel > Content > Blocks > Choose Desired CMS Static Block you want to edit.

+ In the back-end, we used the widget, namely “Single Image” on page builder profile

+ You can edit widget and change image in this popup by choosing “Edit” Button

{{widget type="Ves\BaseWidget\Block\Widget\Image" file="wysiwyg/ves_pencil/p_banner5.jpg" image_size="100%" alignment="left" popup_type="colorbox" link="women.html"}}

+ How To Config In The Backend

>> In the back-end, we used the widget, namely “Product list: Tabs by rules”. To config product carousel, please open the widget “Product list: Tabs by rules” and edit it

>> The number shown on the title of product carousel is configured here, and style css on theme

>> In this widget,  we use template in the following path file


Choose template format:

+ Item Settings:

>> Front-end show item:

+  You can config the number of row, and product items on each device responsively:

+ Config to show button navigation:

How To Config in the back-end :

Go to admin > Ves Pagebuilder > Manager Page profile > Edit “Pencil Home Page 2” > Design Tab > Edit widget “Product list: Tabs by rules”

In this widget, you can config it like “3.Product carousel” element but it has different options here:

In page builder, you can choose “setting” button to make space for each row

In the “Row Setting” >> Open “Layout” Tab >> Add css “margin-bottom: 30px” like below image

As the same value bootstrap guide: 30px

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