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Header Configuration

Ves Global provides 2 header styles, you can choose one of them here.

Backend config:

To Config Header Default, Go to Admin Panel >> VenusTheme >> Ves Theme Settings >> Header >> Choose “Header” for Header Layout

Code html at this path file


>> How To Config Other Header for storeview

  1. header: header.phtml
  2. header-v2: header-v2.phtml

To change Logo, Go to Admin Panel > System > Configuration > Design > Header

After that, you select Current Configuration Scopeto then enter url image (GIF, PNG, JPG, or SVG file type)

default path: skin\frontend\ves_global\default\images\


To change top link, Go to the path: app\design\frontend\ves_global\default\template\common\header

then select your header and change text, icon class

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