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Config Generals

In this tab, you are able to:

– Choose maximum page width on drop-down or change value input

– Choose skin color store view

– Choose director support LTR or RTL Languages

– Enable or disable panel tool

– Config body background, padding

– Add custom google font for body

– Config color text body, text link, text link hover

– Config button color, background, and hover, focus


Please Go to Admin Panel > VenusTheme > Ves ThemeSettings > General

Bicomart provides Custom Page Width (960px, 1024 px, 1280px, 1360px, 1440px, 1680px,…), and Maximum Page Width mode, you can choose the one that you prefer. You can apply this option to any home versions.

We created skins in Bicomart: You can see it in the folder:


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