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Owenstore allows you to config various footer sections: Footer top, Footer center, Footer Bottom



<!-- Footer Container -->
        <referenceContainer name="footer-container">
            <container name="footer" as="footer" label="Page Footer" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="ves-footer">
                <container name="footer-top" label="Footer Top" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="footer-top">
                    <block class="Ves\Themesettings\Block\Html\Footer" name="ves.footer.top" template="Ves_Themesettings::html/footer/footer-top.phtml"/>
                <container name="footer-center" label="Footer Center" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="footer-center" after="footer-top">
                    <block class="Ves\Themesettings\Block\Html\Footer" name="ves.footer.center" template="Ves_Themesettings::html/footer/footer-center.phtml"/>
                <container name="footer-bottom" label="Footer Bottom" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="footer-bottom" after="footer-center">
                    <block class="Ves\Themesettings\Block\Html\Footer" name="ves.footer.bottom" template="Ves_Themesettings::html/footer/footer-bottom.phtml"/>
                <remove name="form.subscribe"/>
                <block class="Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template" name="report.bugs" template="Magento_Theme::html/bugreport.phtml" />
<!-- End Footer Container -->


You can configure the options related to the footer section in VenusTheme > Ves Themesettings > Footer

– General Settings:

+ You can custom style if use value Yes, change text color and link color on footer

+ You can style background color or set background image, patent for footer by option “Outer Container”

+ You can enable or disable text copy right, and you can custom text copy-right at option “Copyright”


– Footer Top setting:

+ You can enable or disable position

+ You can choose static block or custom html redirect on text editor

+ You can custom style if use value Yes: Text color, Link color, Link hover color

+ You can style “Outer Container”, ” Inner Content” – Main content at here


– For Footer Center Setting, Footer Bottom setting, you can config it like Footer Top setting. But in case the theme do NOT have, please set ” Enable Footer Center” or ” Enable Footer Bottom” to :NO


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