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Backend Configuration

Go to admin > venustheme > Ves Gallery > Configuration

1, General Settings

a, Config Enable/Disable:

  • Enabled: Enable/disable all module blocks on frontend
  • Enabled Gallery Block: Enable/disable the gallery module block on frontend
  • Max file size: Input number of max file size when upload image for gallery item
  • Allow File Types: allow upload image files type (Default: jpg,jpeg,gif,png)
  • Upload Folder: input upload folder path (the folder will in the media/ folder). Default: gallery/upload/

b, Config module block:

the module gallery block will show on the position of the site by config in the layout xml file (“/app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/ves_gallery.xml”) with the code as this:

<reference name=”content”>

     <block type=”core/text_list” name=”gallery” as=”gallery” translate=”label”>

              <block type=”ves_gallery/file” name=”ves.gallery” before=”-” />



To config the module block we will config there options:


  • Module Title: input the title of the block
  • Select Template: The color skin for the gallery
  • Module Width/Height: Input module width and height
  • Render Thumbnail: Allow render thumbnail or not
  • Thumbnail Height/Width: Enable render thumbnail you should input the value (default: 100 – 100 px)
  • Limit: Number of images will show on gallery block
  • Max item on a page: is option to show number of items on a grid page or a carousel page.
  • From Source: will get images from image database or in media folder.
  • Image Folder Path: you should input the media folder in the setting if you choose “From Source” = “Image In Folder”
  • Images group: choose group if you choose “From Source” = “Gallery Banner Group”
  • Config for owl carousel: enable if you want to show the gallery images as a carousel, config as default or find more guide at here: https://owlcarousel2.github.io/OwlCarousel2/docs/started-welcome.html

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