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How To Create Magento 2 Coupon Code?

magento 2 coupon code

The coupon code is very important for each Store and customers. They are happy because of discounting Product, they have a chance to save their money. Owners store also happy. Because Coupon code is one of marketing tools to promote your promotions and boost your sale.

In term of this tutorial, we will help you create Magento 2 Coupon Code. In Magento 2 Store, it has 2 kinds of Coupon for Magento 2 Cart Price Rules, Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules.

1. Create Magento 2 Cart Price Rules

Admin Panel > Marketing > Cart Price Rules

magento 2 coupon code

> Add new Rule:

2. magento 2 coupon code

Fill all information: Rule Information, Condition, action, Label

magento 2 coupon

  • Rule Information:

– Rule name: 50% Off Daphne Hoodie
– Description: 50% Off Daphne Hoodie
– Status: Active / Inactive
– Websites: Main Website
Coupon: No coupon/ Specific Coupon
Coupon code:
Use per Coupon”
Uses per customers

Setup Date: From date to date

  • Conditions:

Click Add button: And choose SKU

3. magento 2 coupon code

  • Actions:

Price Structure Rule: Apply Fixed Amount discount

4. magento 2 coupon code

  • Labels:

Choose Default Rule Label For all Store view.

magento 2 coupon code

  • Manage Coupon Code:

Set coupon Qty, Code Length, Code Format, Code Prefix, Code Suffix, Dash Every X Characters then click  Generate and Save the Rule:

magento 2 coupon

You have already finished successfully Edit Add to Cart Button Magento 2 by Ves Page Builder and Ves Theme Settings without coding.

2. Create Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules

Owners can use Catalog price rules to select the product in discount code on a set of conditions. Catalog price rules do not use the coupon code, because they are triggered before a product is placed into the shopping cart.

To set of condition for Discount Code in Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Add New Rule
  2. Set condition
  3. Set Actions

1. Add New Rule:

Admin > Marketing > Catalog Price Rules

1.magento 2 coupon code catalog price rule

> Add New Catalog Price Rule :

2. magento 2 coupon code catalog price rule

  • Rule information:

3. magento 2 coupon code catalog price rule

– Fill Rule name and Description which is reference internal site
– Choose Websites is the place for available rule
– Set Price status as need: By default: Active it
– Apply Customer Groups: To choose multi groups, hold down Ctrl key and click each option
– Determine price Rule effect. Choose Date from Calendar. If you leave the dates blank, the rule is enabled as soon as the price rule is saved.
– Enter a number to establish the Priority of this rule in relation to other rules.

  • Conditions:

Scroll down to Conditions, and expand the section. The first rule begins:

4. magento 2 coupon code catalog price rule

The statement has two bold links, which when tapped, display the options for that part of the statement. If you save the condition without making additional selections, the rule applies to all products.

– Tap the ALL link, and chose either “ALL” or “ANY.”
– Tap the TRUE link, and choose either “TRUE” or “FALSE.”
– To apply the rule to all products, leave the condition unchanged.
– You can create different conditions by changing the combination of these values. For this example, the following condition is used:
– Tap the Add button at the beginning of the next line.
In the list under Product Attribute, choose the attribute that you want to use as the basis of the condition. For this example, the condition is “Attribute Set.”

Tap the is link, and choose the comparison operator that describes the condition to be met. In this example, the options are “is” and “is not.”

  • Actions:

5. magento 2 coupon code catalog price rule

Expand the Actions section, and do the following:

– Enter the Discount Amount.

– To stop processing other rules after this rule is applied, set Discard Subsequent Rules to “Yes.” This safeguard prevents customers from receiving multiple discounts for the same product.

– Tap Save and Continue Edit.

Congratulations! You’ve set already Magento 2 Coupon Code for Promotion on your store through Magento 2 Cart Price Rules and Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules. If you have any questions about Magento 2.x, please feel free to explore our Venustheme Tutorials to enhance your Magento Knowledge. In case, you need to customize any things on your site, please feel free to contact us to [email protected] Some of the small changes are free of charge, get more detail about our custom work service here: Magento Development Services

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