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How to Config Magento 2 Table rate Shipping?

feature magento 2 table rate shipping

Table rate Shipping in Magento 2 is displayed Shipping Fee which customers have to choose (Compulsory) the method of shipping. This is applied to calculate the shipping fee based on the combination:

  • Weight & Destination
  • Price & Destination
  • # of Items & Destination

The data that is used to calculate tables rates is prepared in a spreadsheet and imported into your store. When the customer requests a quote, the results appear in the shipping estimate section of the shopping cart.

In this tutorial, I will show you “How to Config Magento 2 Table Rate Shipping”.

Let’s start:

Step 1: Complete the Default Settings:

Choose Store View: Main storeview

Admin panel > Store > Settings > Configuration > Sale > Shipping Methods

1. flat rate magento 2

Table rate system:



Fill all the blank:

  • Enable “Yes”. If necessary, clear Use system value checkbox to edit.
  • Title Table rate
  • Method name that appears as a label
  • Condition: Set condition: Price, weight
  • Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation to “Yes” if you want to be able to include the virtual product(s) in the calculation.

If charging a handling fee, set Calculate Handling Fee to one of the following: Fixed/ Percent
Then, enter the Handling Fee rate according to the method used to calculate the fee.


Set Ship to Applicable Countries to one of two options:

All Allowed Countries: Free Shipping is supported for every country.
Specific Countries: Table Rate Shipping is only supported for selected countries.

Set the Sort Order on the Shipping Method on the checkout page.
Save Config to complete.

Step 2: Prepare the Table Rate Data

export magento 2 table rate

In the upper-left corner, select the Store View where the configuration is active, you can choose “Main Website” or any website you need.

There are the new appearances of the Import and Export option and the Use Default checkbox that is next to each field in the Table Rate Shipping section.

Click on Export CSV button and save the file (tablerate.csv) on your computer.

Step 3: Import the Table Rate Data

Choose Storeview to Main Website or to any other website


In the previous step, you have exported and edited the data in Table Rate, now you need to Import it back to the server. Return to the Table Rates section of your store configuration. In the upper-left corner, set Store View to the website where this method will be used.  Next, to the Import field, tap Choose File. Select your completed tablerates.csv file, and import the rates.

When complete, click Save Config.

Step 4: Verify the Rates

To check the Rates for the assurance, try conducting the payment process with different shipping addresses in the checkout. Thus, you can ensure that the calculating for the shipping as well as handing rates are absolute accuracy.

You’ve finished the process to configure Magento 2 Table rate Shipping.

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