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Quickest way to add Image product magento 2


As you know, features Magento 2 is different from Magento 1x. So in terms of this topic, I will indicate you this tutorial “ add image product magento 2” in the concisest way

You can enter Products ->Catalog

1. product-catalog- add image image product magento 2

And  a catalog of product appearances. Choose product image name  you want to change:

2. Catalog- add image product Magento 2

Once the product is selected, click the Images available option in the Images and Videos menu on the left of image.

  • Add image product Magento 2

– You can drag n drop one or a series of your images to direct image area.

3. add image product Magento 2

– Click direct image and locate the file on your computer which you want to use as a product image. The image will be uploaded to your this collection

4. Locate image

  • Add video: Similar to add image, you can drag and drop or upload video from computer.
  • Reorder: You can choose button reorder at the bottom right image and drag n drop it . You are able to decides to place whenever you want. after this process you should “save”

6. reorder

  • Mask image:

7. Mask image- add image product Magento 2

  • Delete image:

7.1. delete image

  • Hide image: In detail image product, see the bottom and tick the hide box to hide it.

8. Hide image product

And then “ save” image you’ve chosen.

save image product

In the product detail, you can upload a series of image of product, links to video, rearrange their order. For each image of product, three roles are available for assign to any image.

Main image/ base image: your image product Magento 2 must be large enough to produce the magnification that it need for zoom.

Thumbnail image: A small image of that image will appear in product listing, and a thumbnail will be in the shopping cart. You can flexibly do it and by default, these roles are auto-assigned to the first uploaded image.

And “save” your picture which you just added successfully.

After reading our tutorial “quickest way to add image product magento 2” if you have any queries please feel free to contact us and leave your comment on this. Thank you for your attention.

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