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6 Useful Tips To Make Your Magento Website More Trustworthy

6 Useful Tips To Make Your Magento Website More Trustworthy

On the era of ecommerce, customer only takes few seconds to decide stay or leave your website. Their decision is made when they find your website is trustworthy or not. Hence, I wrote this post that show you the role of trustworthy and things you can do right now to enhance a sense of trust in your magento website.

Have you know exactly what is a trustworthy website means to customer. If not, let take a look at the below study conducted by a team at UXMag. A trustworthy website means:

>> A company is moral: People belief that a trustworthy company is fair and law-abiding that also showing it’s cares about customers.

>> A product or service has quality: People want to feel confident in their choices. And they also expect that our digital devices are quality products that will hold important data safely .

>>Information will be correct, exact and unbiased: If people trust the information and choices displayed on your website, there’s less tendency to go other website.

>> “A company will protect me”: Security & privacy are one of the main concern for consumers when they shop online. For example, before checking out, people will ask whether the company will safely store my personal credit card information and keep sensitive information private or not?

>> A product will do what it claims to do. A consumer expect that the company’s product will live up to its claims. People trust that when they click on the “send” button, an email will be sent to the selected contact.

Now, I will show you useful methods to make your magento website more trustworthy.

1. Having a Amazing Design

That is not a wise choice if you leave your site ugly and unclean in these days. There are so many available resource that help you setup that’s beautiful and functional— even that makes people want to know more and to buy your product.
Image that you have visited 2 website selling the same product. The first one is neat, clean and beautiful website. The second one is unfortunately ugly and unclean with the angry woman image. Which one are you more likely to shop on? Of course the first one right?
As usual, customer feel confidence to give your credit card because of the design and simplicity of their website. Hence, it is a must to use the beautiful & functional template for your website.



2. Make Sure Your Website Is Up-To-Date

Besides, consistent uptime, fast load speeds, as well as a custom domain there is a few thing you need to pay attention such as product information, contact information, shipping information, daily deals. Spend a bit time on product description, old blog post to ensure that there is no outdated information. Because they can mislead your potential shopper.


3. Use Secure Badges to Display That Your Website Is Safe

Today online shopper can aware of their privacy and security. If your magento website doesn’t automatically show a secure notice to customers upon checkout, you will need to display your SSL certificate symbol that to let your customers know your website is secure

4. Add a Hint of Personality to Your Website

For shopper who don’t know you, your website is absolutely perfect when you put your face image on the frontpage of his website!
The image not only make your site more stunning but it also increase your site trustworthiness.

5. Show That You’re Active Online

It is important to show that you are connecting with your audience on different channels like tweets on Twitter, comment on Facebook, sharing product shots on Instagram.
Also, Blog is one of the easiest way to keep your visitor up to date with your news and updates.

ves blog magento extension

6. Help Anyone to Contact You Easily

It is easy to make customer frustrated if they tried to contact you via website but they are not able to. In this case the best solution is to set up a simple contact form on your website or live chat module on your website. Thanks to this, your visitors can reach you via that address.


If you still confuse about this Tutorials, please feel free to contact our professional support team with more than 7 years of experiences for more helpful aid.

All questions are always welcomed. Contact us now! Magento Development Services

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