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2 Ways to Add Latest Blogpost in Magento 2

add latest blog post magento 2

In the modern life, Blog is considered as the spirit of each Online store. The intelligent customers will find product information, experience sharing at the blog part. So your Blog will bring the lucrative benefits to attract customers to your store.

So this Tutorial, I will show you 2 Ways to Add Latest Blog Post Magento 2:

Way1: Add Recent Posts Magento 2 by Page Builder

> Admin Panel > Venus theme > Page Builder > Manage Page Builder Profile


> Choose Homepage you want to add Recent Blog Posts > Edit:


> At design part:

> Add column:


> Add Widget:

> Search name at filter: Ves Blog > Insert Widgets


Fill all Owl Carousel Settings, Post Settings: in this part, you can set image, column, height, title,… After that, click Insert Widget

When you completed, Click” to “Save Profile”

Way2: Add By Widget

Content > Widget > Add Widget:



At settings part:

Choose Type: Ves Blog: Latest Post

Design Theme: Magento Luma > Continue

At storefront Properties:
+ Widget Options:
+ Widget Title
+ Assign to Store Views
+ Layout Updates


Display on: choose Specified Page
Container: Select Main content Bottom

Fill Widget Options:


At settings part: Owl Carousel Settings:

Fill all Post settings:


When you complete. Click “Save” Button. This is all two ways to Add Latest Blog post Magento 2. We hope it helpful for you.

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