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Sitting in front of computer screen with numerous Magento themes, how many times you can’t make purchasing decision because there are too many options?  Or even after purchasing one of themes, you feel regret and then would like to change another. Understanding your case, we are going to share 10 useful tips to help you to make the right decision.

1. Support Responsive Design

On the era of mobile ecommerce, it is a must to mobilize your Magento store to boost sales up. A responsive theme will support you approach a larger number of mobile users as well as mobile shopper. Your online store will own special features for mobile such as off canvas menu. Thanks to this, it’s also convenient for your mobile shopper to find any information on your website at ease. As you can see, all of the best Magento providers consider responsive features as a must for their theme. Visit our collection of responsive Magento theme on Themeforest

2. Be Built On New Technologies

A powerful Magento theme must come with the newest technologies such as: SASS, Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, HTML5 and CSS3. These technologies make your site work more effectively and outstand from the sameness.

Ves Bella Responsive Magento Theme– an example of great theme with newest technologies

new web technologies

3. Check For Live Theme Editor Tool

The main reason why you should check for live theme editor is that after purchasing, you will have the demand of personalizing your theme.  Even if the theme you purchase is out of fashion, you don’t have to worry because this tool will help you customize easily. It’s effective tool for getting a whole new theme without spending a lot of energy and efforts.

4. Own Perfect Interface For Your Store

Owning a stunning website is a dream of every Magento store. But how to choose Magento theme to make you site beautiful, it’s still be the question many people are seeking. On the one hand, based on which items you are selling, you can choose the suitable design styles. On the other hand, you can look at the demo and image of the theme that can tell you how your Magento store will be look like. But please remember that the theme maybe suited for different kind of business. Thus, the best way is feel and see whether it truly present your theme perfectly.


5.  Test Browser Compatibility

Check browser compatibility of your theme before purchasing. It’s important that your theme will work perfectly in all popular web browsers. If not, the theme will be totally useless. And then, all your effort of making your site to upper level, getting better ranking will disappear.

6. Be Optimized For SEO

SEO optimization now becomes the key for online selling. Thus, your theme should own clean and organized HTML/CSS code that is exciting for search engine’s robot eye.

7. Support Useful Module

More enjoyable shopping experience you offer more sales you will get. It’s great that you website has useful extensions for your online store without purchasing from the third-party. Necessary Magento extensions could be mentioned such as:  Layer slider, Mega menu, Blog, Quick view, Deals.

Ves Sunstyle– an typical example of Magento theme with extensions

ves sunstyle

8. Be Fully  Social Network Integration

Increase you sales with social media, have you considered how much benefit you get from social network? Social Network integration will encourage shopper to like share tweet your site at ease.

9. Possess User-friendly Interface

Powerful functionality is not enough, a great interface must be user-friendly and easy to use. There are many factors to make user friendly interface including Back-to-Top button, Shopping Cart, powerful navigation system, menu panel.

10. MultiLanguage And RTL Ready

Last but not least, Multi Language and RTL Ready is the element you should consider before buying decision. In the decade of global market, opening business across country border is a must. Let’s make your site ready for everyone all over the world.

multilingual-rtl venustheme




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  1. Avatar
    Iren February 17, 2016 at 11:05 pm - Reply

    As for me it was very difficult to choose thre theme at the first time, because I always change my mind. But finally I have chosen as the first theme here http://www.venustheme.com/theme/ves-fresh-premium-magento-2-food-theme/ and yourtips are very useful!

  2. Avatar
    Maria March 19, 2016 at 2:29 pm - Reply

    Which theme will you reccomend having all this 10 tips?

  3. Avatar
    David May 16, 2017 at 6:02 pm - Reply

    Really Interesting article and very useful to select best magento theme.
    Everybody ask which magento theme they should have to choose. And this source is very useful for them.


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