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10+ Tech Trends That Will Shape Magento Ecommerce Store In 2018

10+ Tech Trends Affecting Magento Ecommerce Store In 2018

10+ Tech Trends Affecting Magento Ecommerce Store In 2018

Many people may agree that the development of technology significantly affects our business. Is that right?

It is my problem, also. Understanding that case, I did make a research on how technology changes affect magento ecommerce site. And now, I am sharing with you 10+ Tech Trends That Will Shape Magento E-commerce Store In 2018. Keep reading…

1. Mobile is King

The first trend of technology impacting on magento ecommerce site is that Mobile is King. It is estimated that over 75 million shoppers using their mobile devices to make a purchase.
While desktop still beats mobile devices as the primary method consumers use to make eCommerce purchases, that won’t last long. eCommerce global trends indicate that mobile devices will become the central piece of technology used to discover, research, and purchase goods and services.
As a result, mobile optimization and shopping should be at the forefront of your eCommerce strategy. Mobile optimization impacts your SEO—Google already considers mobile friendliness as a factor in their page ranking algorithms.
What’s more, clients expect your site to be mobile optimized. In fact, 40% of mobile users will seek out a competitor after a bad mobile experience. Mobile optimization has been a growing trend for the past few years, 2018 is when mobile becomes solidified as the standard.

Therefore, you need to choose magento theme that is well mobile-optimized, like the following themes:

Ves 8.pm Friday

Ves Swimwear

Ves Havina

Ves Eveprest

Ves Mohawk

54+ Best Magento 2 Themes- Fastest and Super Responsive Templates

2. Big Data And Analytics Will Spell Success

The second one in 10+ Tech Trends That Will Shape Magento E-commerce Stores In 2018 is Big Data And Analytics. Several businesses are already employing Big Data for real-time analysis. Big Data encompasses data related to user demographics and behavior patterns. Combined with analytics, Big Data offers rich insights that can be applied to taking profitable business decisions. Most Magento stores would embrace this technology in the coming time to provide more enriching shopping experiences.

3. Artificial Intelligence Will Grow Bigger

Artificial Inteligence is the trend that has made it big in 2017 and is likely to hold its position in 2018 too. Besides transforming the way we live and work, it is capable of revolutionizing e-commerce selling too. AI technologies are used to understand user behavior and power up contextual searches. Similarly, it provides the basis of strategies that can be used for targeted marketing and for improving the efficiency of the sales staff.

4. Chatbots Will Become An Essential

Chatbots is another form of Artificial Intelligence that is dominating the Magento e-commerce site and is expected to go bigger in 2018. These are the smart software that feeds the concept of conversational commerce by leveraging the machine language technology to interpret the customer’s needs. Chatbots make a smart alternative to human customer care executives who hold a key place in online selling.

Chatbots are definitely in the top 2018 marketing tendencies that are able to contribute immensely to digital success of both B2C and B2B eCommerce projects. To know more about their role and functions in eCommerce, please read our previous article.

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5. Live Videos enhances visualization.

The contribution of video content in 2018 is undeniable. It is said that 43% of customers want to see much more video content from marketers. Consequently, 48% of sellers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in 2018.

When the younger generation with a wide scope of video-enabled gadgets and devices come into play in 2018, video marketing tools will demonstrate high efficiency in promoting businesses and their products or services across various channels.

The only thing companies should do is to measure the productivity of different channels so that the right audience can be targeted in the right place and at the right time.

Some themes supported widgets and extension that you can use to post live video into your online store:

Ves Eveprest

Magento 2 image gallery pro extension

6. Searches Will Become Smarter

Another trend that is expected to emerge as a winner in 2018 is that of smart search. Online stores need to focus on integrating features such as filter options, intelligent autocomplete, and smarter breadcrumbs to make searches easier and more interactive for the users. These features not only enhance the experience but also keeps them engaged and builds their confidence in the business. As a result, sellers have to choose the themes and extension perfect for their online store like:

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7. Push Notifications Will Be The Key To User Engagement

E-commerce selling is all about engaging new users and re-engaging and retaining the existing ones. Push notifications are poised to become the most important user engagement tool as they keep reminding the shoppers about the updates on the store. Whether it is about new product launches, special offers, or abandoned reminders, push notifications are capable of doing them all very smartly.

8. Product Customization

Product customization is also an important component of the tech trend 2018. Product customization will emerge as one of the leading eCommerce technology trends in coming time. That’s because it’s easy for consumers to use, eliminates the hassles of shopping, and meets the demanding needs of modern clients.

Automation is also changing the way products and services are customized. Every time a client uses the service, the product becomes more customized to that user.

That process is being used by many different businesses across the web. From clothing choices to entertainment, furniture, even in our possible romantic relationships, product customization is more than a trend, it’s the shape of the web to come. Take Ves Floristy as an example:

9. Product Visualization, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality

One of the biggest technology trend influncing eCommerce global in 2018 will be product visualization. This is related to the previous trend, product customization. Product visualization has changed dramatically over the past few years. Evolving from small, hard to view images to multiple images from different perspectives, the ability to zoom, customer uploaded images, etc. Even with these changes, recent technological advances in 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality are poised to change the way products are visualized.

These eCommerce technology trends will impact the way consumers make decisions about products and services. Consequently, sellers have to notice this side when creating their online store, especially in the choosing theme and extension process.

10. Personalization Will Be More Crucial Than Ever

Customers love to be served personalized experiences and this is all the more important for online stores. Personalization refers to recommending products for the customers on the basis of their preferences that can be inferred from their browsing behavior and shopping history. E-commerce experts would suggest following this trend to all merchants in this industry.

That’s all for now about the upcoming 2018 marketing trends. Should you feel like getting more information concerning advantageous tendencies on marketing landscape, do not hesitate to contact us right away.

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