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10 Best & Highly Advanced Magento Extension to improve web store in 2015

As you may know, Magento has become a leader in e-commerce world for setting and running different kind of online store. Magento offer user all amazing features together with tons of extensions that enhance their usability, performance and shopping experience…Among tons of those extensions, there are some that you should not ignore. Below, I will show you the list of 10 best magento extension that are trustful and valuable we recommend to our clients. They are 100% safe to intall. These extensions are not only helpful for user but it also make you store more great.

1. Page Builder

magento page builder

Magento Page Buidler extension help you to create a responsive magento theme at ease. In the past, the process to build page is pretty complicated. But now with the support of drag/drop magento page builder & 50+ widgets, you can find it extremely easy to build page. This is one of the best magento extension in 2015

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2. Form Builder

magento form builder

Do you need your customers to fill out some web forms like “Customer Satisfaction Survey” or collecting clients’ details. Form Builder will be the best choice. With Form Builder, you can create any number of custom forms, which will suit their exact needs. All you need is install it and then create any forms like Contact us, Comment forms, feedback forms, Complaints and suggestions, and other based on demands of your business. Also, you can use the forms that you have created as widgets on pages, making the job much simpler.

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3. Blog Extension

magento blog extension

Writting blog is known as an useful word of mouth marketing tips. Especially, it is one of essential online marketing menthods for anyonline store. With Blog extension, you can show your customer upto date information, promotion, tips, trends, news promotion, feadback and then attract more potential customer to your site. With it’s assistance, you can create relevant and valuable content to attractive more audience.

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4. Magento FAQ Extension

magento faq extension

Before purchasing any items, customers always have many questions. In fact, you are not always available to answer all question; meanwhile, you customer is not patient enough to visit your website over and over again. Hence, FAQ extension help you to solve that problem by FAQ page. With this module, customer can submit question and view question & answer by category and search tool.

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5. Full Page Cache

magento full page cache

Full page cache extension is the best solution to speed up you page load time, improve ranking and increase sale conversion. This extension have huge influence on sale conversion and site revenue.

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6. Daily Deal

Magento Daily Deal

Magento Daily Deals help to showcase your daily deal and make it more appealing. With eye catching downcount timer, it is easy for you to launch attractive promotion and increase your sale. Also, Magento Daily Deal also help you to display different deals everyday.

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7. Magento Live Chat


Is you business facing with high competition? According to recent research, 44% online shoppers prefer stores that reply quickly to visitor. It is necessay to do everything to support and take care customer problem and feedbacks. In order to do that, there is nothing better than Live chat. This extension help the user talk directly with the representative and explain to them their problems. Hence, it will help you increase customer satisfaction and enhance customer’s interactive in the most simple way.

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8. Magento One Step Checkout

mmagento one step checkout

Checking out is considered as the most complicated part of placing an order online, this is one of the reason why shoppers abandon their order because of it’s complexity. OneStepCheckout help you simplify this process, leading to an immediate increase in sales.

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9. WordPress Integration

Wordpress Integration extension

Magento WordPress Integration help you to integrates your WORDPRESS blog with your Magento store. This module can use for both Magento community and Magento Enterprise.

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10. Shop By Brand


Magento Shop By Brand Extension help you to create separate pages for brands and link to them from product pages, thus making it easier for your customers to browse and shop by specific brands.

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