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Best way to integrate Google analytics in Magento 2

integrate google analystic in Magento 2

This tutorials will help to control your store effectively with support of Google analytics in Magento 2. So you can estimate about status of your business activities. Which is effective or not effective? In addition, you can attract more customers to purchase your product.

To integrate Google analytics in Magento 2, you have to do following 2 step:

+ Step 1: Obtain a tracking ID
+ Step 2: Configure from Google API in Magento 2

Step 1: Obtain tracking ID

Firstly, you have account on Google analytics site

If you can sign up or sign in your account here and choose ” Google analytics”

integrate google analystics in Magento 2

After that, you can choose get tracking ID at the bottom left page and accept all above information.

Step 2: Configure the Google API in Magento 2

Admin Magento 2 >>> Store >>> Configuration

integrate google analystics in Magento 2

Then choose Sale >>> Google API section

integrate google analystics in Magento 2

Choose “Google Analytics”  option, enable ” Yes”  and fill tracking code on the Account Number field. After of all, you can choose “Save config” to change the application

integrate google analystics in Magento 2

So you’ve  already finished your process of integating Goolge analystic in Magento 2 . Is  it very simple and effective? Get it right now for your online tutorials. If you get any troubles in setting Magento 2, please view at our Venus themes Tutorial to take your answer easily.

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